Wine Tasting


For those who would like to better appreciate wine, our wine tasting events work every time. Have fun and learn the important bits to help maximise your enjoyment of wine. Style: informative but relaxed.

How it works
This event is not about boring you with soil types and grape varieties. It is an informative, but fun and engaging, event which lends itself perfectly to team building or evening entertainment. The purpose of the tasting is to have fun and learn the important bits to help maximise your enjoyment of wine, in either a relaxed style or a competitive format.

Lea Marston Wine Tasting is a highly engaging and memorable event, encouraging friendly competition, team building and with the added bonus of participants leaving with a new set of tools which will enhance their enjoyment of wine for years to come.

How to taste wine with your eyes, nose and mouth;
What to look for in wine and how to recognise and assess the key components of wine such as tannins, acidity, alcohol;

Blind tasting of wines to see if you can put the theory into practice;
Tips on buying, storing and serving wine, ageing wine, food & wine matching;
How to spot quality and what to look for in wine;
How wines are priced and what happens as wines age.
If choosing the more competitive format, all of the above will be covered, as well as tests and challenges throughout. Using tasting guides and answer sheets, teams must compete against each other to put the just learnt theory into practice with a series of challenges including:
The Aroma Game
Mystery wine blind tasting
The Taste Off Challenge

What’s included?
Professional Wine Taster; Wines

Entertainment; Team Building